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Salsa and Swing classes

Salsa and Swing classes

Thursday 6th September

Whether you're a beginner or a salsa aficionado join us to learn some new moves, practice your steps or just to have fun at our hotter than hot dance social!

The social will take place in Citypoint Plaza from 12pm to 2pm on Sept 6th. There will be mini-lessons and some social dancing so feel free to join in when you can!
This is an outdoor event - Tickets are free!

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Always on Point

Our security staff are always ready to point you in the right direction. We have a dedicated 24/7 visible security presence and we utilise CCTV and access control technology to secure the building. We work with the Police to deter, detect and delay crime. We also do lots of things behind the scenes that you won’t see to ensure your safety, comfort and security at all time when working at or visiting Citypoint.