Citypoint specification


Planning Grid
1 metre

Floor-to-Ceiling Height

Raised Floor Zone
100mm nominal raised floor zone measured over the tile giving a nominal 65mm clear underfloor void

Floor Loadings

Acoustic Ratings
Offices: NR 38, Landlords & Toilets: NR 40

Occupancy & A/C Rates
1 Person/10m2

WC Provision
10m2/person @ 40:60 M/F


Raised Access Floor
600 x 600 x 31mm Metal Medium Grade Tile (Modular)

Raised Access Floor
600 x 600 x 31mm Metal Medium Grade Tile (Modular)

Suspended Ceiling
Modular suspended ceiling system, tiles are 1500 x 1000mm with perimeter plasterboard margins


Air Conditioning
Four pipe fan coil unit system, using slimline fan coil units with fresh air ducted to each fan coil

Cooling Loads
The Landlord’s system is designed to provide a nominal cooling capacity of approximately 280W/m2

Fresh Air Provisions
12 l/sec per person
(based on occupancy of 1 person/10m2).

External-Summer: 29°C dry bulb 20°C wet bulb and Winter: -4°C dry bulb, saturated. Internal – Summer: 22°C, ± 1.5°C dry bulb, RH 65% saturation (max) 35% (min)


Passenger Lifts
x 27: capacity ranges from 630kg/1000kg/1275kg/1575kg/1800kg and associated speeds are 1 m/s, 8 m/s, 4 m/s, 1.6 m/s, 1.6 m/s

Goods Lifts
x 3: speed of 1.6 m/s and with capacities of 2 @ 2000kg and 1 @ 1600kg

Firemans Lifts
x 3: speed of 2.5m/sec and with capacities of 800kg

Lighting General
Designed maintained levels of illuminance for the buildings. Main Entrance: 200 Lux, Reception Desks: 500 Lux, Toilets and Lift Lobbies: 200 Lux, Stairs/Corridors/Plantrooms: 100 Lux, Car Park: 150 Lux

Office Space Lighting
Recessed 1,200 x 300mm linear LED luminaires with supplemental LED downlighters. Lighting controls including LCMs and dual occupancy/daylight sensors are installed

Incoming Electrical Supply
Five 11Kv 3 phase 50Hz incoming supplies fed from Solkor Rings situated in the landlords H.V incomer switch rooms located at staircase 12 levels Lower Ground and Level 0

Standby Power
Four 1.3MVA 11KV diesel generators (located in Basement level 3) power 100% of landlord’s base-build facilities together with lighting and tenant’s base-build small power allowance.

Small Power
Provision for the office space to be supplied with 35W m2
Cleaner’s sockets are provided in the offices and in the circulation areas.

Fire Detection & Alarm System
System is designed an installed to L1 and BS 5839


Number of cycle bays

Number of cycle lockers
250 – used as shower/cycle lockers

Number of showers
8 Male/ 6 Female

Number of car parking spaces per floor
There are 89 car parking spaces and currently 18 not allocated. Car park space requirements are agreed and allocated during lease negotiations.